Saturday, August 27, 2011

30 Conversations - Journal 01

What problem should design tackle next?

I believe that the current system of what is "corporate" should be the next problem that design should solve. I am aware of current and past occurrences in which a design team was hired to establish a more creative and flowing atmosphere in a building or two, but I think these ideas need to be bigger and more far reaching.

Even now I work in a corporate setting for a company in Lawrence. My work area is complete with a half cubicle, two monitors, basic keyboard and mouse, and a standard office chair. There is nothing around me that screams MOTIVATION except for my ipod I am allowed to have.

There has to be something designers can do to increase productivity by boosting this bland atmosphere. Lighting could be improved, color could change from gray to something more soothing yet energizing. The floor plan could look less like a grid and more like it fits with the structure around it.

While many of the world's biggest corporations are spending the money on designers to create interactive and design savvy websites, few are willing to spare that design innovation on their employees.
These designs should start to replace designs like this:

These environments could hardly be conducive to productive activity. If the former images became standard, I believe that corporate America would reap the benefits from happier employees.

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